Debix Identity Protection is a booming start-up company based in Austin providing consumer protection from the fastest growing crime in the country – identity theft. Debix has invented proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that alerts consumers immediately by phone if a thief attempts to steal their identity. While Debix has the most effective identity protection product available today, it had very limited resources a few years ago while it’s well established competitor was spending over $150 million a year in television advertising. We helped Debix create a powerful, provocative and competitive brand position that articulates its unique product and strong advantage over its big-spending competitor. We’ve used “Only Debix can prove it stops identity theft” in all messaging we’ve created - the Debix website, web advertising, on-line infomercials, collateral and sales materials. In less than four years the Debix customer base has grown from under 1,500 to well over 2,000,000 and the future looks secure.

Pervasive Software

Pervasive Software or Btrieve Technologies as it was known in ‘94 was a start up database company that had separated from Novell and the product "Btrieve" was the database engine Novell used in their Netware product. The biggest problem we faced when we took over the account was the name 'Btrieve'. Although the product had a loyal following of 40,000 developers, many who were embracing the newer relational database technology considered this old technology. The company was indeed developing it's own relational database. However, since Btrieve was part of the company name, we felt it would be ever linked to the product and limit growth. Even though the company was only two years old, for future growth we recommended a name change.

We successfully launched Pervasive Software. We created a new corporate identify program, redesigned the products, launched successful advertising and direct mail campaigns and set the company on a growth path reaching revenues of $60 million. We recently completed a new web site for this benchmark Texas firm.

The Museum District

The Museum District was created from one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods -the Montrose. In the 1970’s and 80’s the area was known for a somewhat scruffy, bohemian,unconventional atmosphere. The agency was invited to join its neighbors and other businesses on the inaugural board of what was called The Montrose Project. Their goal was to re-image the area as the great place to live, work, play and enjoy the arts that they knew and reintroduce it to their fellow Houstonians and potential visitors and customers.

The agency suggested a name change to clarify the areas unique attributes - The Museum District was born with its nexus the intersection shared by the Museum of Fine Art and the Contemporary Arts Museum. Sidewalks were improved, trees planted and banners were hung to identify and define the district. The effort included both political and economic efforts. The new moniker was reinforced by working with the city to add signage (from freeway as well as in the neighborhood). Realtors were easily convinced to adopt the Museum District designation since the enhanced image increased market value over the general Montrose-area prices. Today the Museum District is home to 18 different museums plus Hermann Park and the Houston Zoo and hosts more than 8.7 million visitors annually.


SynerMark was a new name and a whole new personality for a real estate firm with an identity crisis. After 25 years of low-key operations Davis & Associates had become anonymous and invisible. One of four other Austin firms with the same name and with no media presence, they seemed doomed to slowly fade into the background. In the 90’s Davis & Associates began changing. A few good property acquisitions and some internal personnel reorganization infused a desire for a new more dynamic image. When Austin developer Charter Properties planned a merger with Davis & Associates, we recommended a name change to reflect the synergy of the two firms and the energetic young brokerage professionals combining to meet their goals, or ‘’mark“ —SynerMark was born in 1995.

We developed a bold and distinctive new logotype treatment and implemented its usage as part of coordinated on-site signage for their hundreds of properties in central Texas. An ad campaign featured celebrities who had changed their name—for example—a provocative photo of Marilyn Monroe, subtitled “Norma Jean Baker” with the headline: “Sometimes you have to change your name to let people know who you are.” —decidedly not your father’s real estate ad.

The new image was a great success, attracting new clients and business, as well as new professionals to their ‘hip’ vibe. All agency work stressed that it was not ”business as usual“ at Davis & Associates. The new image identity applications included: signage, equipment, vehicles, uniforms, letterhead/business cards, brochures, flyers and, of course, more.

The new identity/public relations campaign generated interest from a Canadian firm, MV Properties, forming a joint venture for SynerMark’s huge Walnut Creek Business Park development. Within four years the new higher profile SynerMark caught the eye of the Beverly Hills, California headquartered Kennedy-Wilson, the renowned international commercial real estate company. A merger was soon accomplished, completing the transformation of a sleepy local real estate office into a world wide powerhouse.


ProLogis was originally named Security Capital Industrial Trust (SCIT) when they chose us over agencies in 47 cities to prepare a marketing plan for their introduction to the nationwide brokerage/business community. Our recommendation was that this leading global provider of distribution facilities change their name to one more “retail”, memorable and brandable for their planned expansion. Using our marketing plan, SCIT changed their name, logo, and corporate ID. Our plan outlined a program of public relations, comprehensive outdoor advertising, coordinated signage, collateral, direct mail, business journal advertising and event marketing. The results? Growth from 47 cities and 90 million square feet of space to 475 million square feet in the US and from $400 million in assets to $32 billion globally.

Sysco Chemical

Sysco Chemical was a brilliantly logical product line extension for Sysco—the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing foodservice and hospitality merchandise to the $200 billion "meals-prepared-away-from-home" industry.

After successfully developing a core market of restaurants for their food products Sysco made plans to expanded their product menu to include back-of-the-house janitorial, cleaning and aerosol supplies. The introduction had two focus audiences: the restaurant as customer AND the sales reps of Sysco.

The agency helped with naming the products, and created logos where appropriate. We created a tag, “The hand that feeds you also does the dishes” for the dish cleaning line. We named the “Sysco Aeroforce” and developed a logo to market the eight products in the spray line. Items were branded as a “must have” for restaurants, backed by Sysco’s reputation for quality. Each product got a new name, brochure and sales rep instructions. Presentations were made to the sales staff on each product—how to sell the benefits and how to use the brochures. Creative solutions promoting ordinary household products wowed client, sales reps, and ultimately restaurant customers. The agency helped launch more than a dozen products around the country—a strategic part of Sysco’s $37 billion in sales for fiscal year 2008.

The Cullen Foundation

The Cullen Foundation, created in 1947 by a gift from the “King of the Wildcatters” — Texas oil magnate Hugh Roy Cullen and wife Lillie remains as the main vehicle for the Cullen family’s continuing investment into the educational needs, health care and cultural arts of the Houston area. Originally funded from oil and gas interests the foundation and Cullen family members have diversified into other revenue sources, mainly real estate development. The agency’s first assignment for the Cullens was the original multi-use, multi-block development in downtown Houston—Cullen Center. The four block. five-building complex includes four high-rise office buildings and a luxury hotel.

Development brochures were created and a quarterly newsletter promoted all aspects of the neighborhood which aided tenant retention. Public Relations to the business editors touted the quality of companies leasing at Cullen Center. Plus direct mail and collateral communications with the brokerage and business communities facilitated relocation and leasing efforts. Representation of Cullen family member interests has continued for over 25 years.

Cullen Center is now aligned with neighbor Allen Center, also represented by the agency. Other Cullen family real estate properties advanced by the agency include the 500 acre Northwest Crossing, the 2,000 acre Cypress City, Westfield Fashion Mall and the 1300 acre Davenport Ranch and Davenport West, in Austin.


Berings has transformed itself from a lumberyard in 1940 to a hardware store in the 1950’s and 60’s to today’s multi-purpose home centers for the 21st century. We helped expand and solidify Berings’ well deserved reputation for attention-to-detail and personal service developed over the generations of this family-owned business. With development of a new logo and tagline -“Established in 1949” plus ads with distinctive “stippled” style illustrations ideal for newspaper reproduction, we increased awareness of their position as a Houston icon and effectively portrayed their extensive range of products and services.

Promotional materials including direct mail, catalogues, outdoor boards and in-store graphics reinforced the Bering brand. Ads created for targeted audiences and selective placement of media resources enhanced the new image. The same multi-faceted strategy was implemented as we helped Berings expansion with the opening of their new West University store.

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